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Veblen Collectables specialises in high quality gold bars and gold coins. Buying Gold Bullion is easy at competitive market prices with insured delivery in UK. We provide bespoke customized services to our customers because we understand that every client has personal requirements. For more information please call us (+44) 333 090 7421.

Market leading gold dealer in the UK

If you want to buy valuable and collectable coins, you need the right partner. At Veblen Collectables, we combine world-class expertise with extensive connections which deliver superior results. With our extensive network, we’ll give you access to opportunities that can achieve double digit growth.

Commemorative Coins

Collectible coins are coins that are valuable due to their low mintages and historic significance. Many rare coins have been discontinued hence why they have historically increased in value. Veblen Collectables is staffed by individuals who have embedded themselves into the collectables market over the years. Our extraordinary connections enable us to source highly demanded coins at competitive prices giving you the best value. For more information please call us (+44) 333 090 7421.

Proven best customer service with transparency and a commitment.

We offer an exciting distribution platform to help you buy Gold in secure way. By adopting innovative and forward-looking strategies, our platform can outperform traditional approaches giving you a highly sophisticated, personalised experience which helps you maximise your returns. We do that by offering expert face to face consultations to global clients which helps you understand the intricacies of buying and selling Gold coinage.

Certified coins have more value because they are graded and authenticated by the world-class services like PCGS or the NGC. The coins are given a serial number and sealed in plastic slabs. The verification code printed on the package can be traced for  authenticity via website or app. Certified coins are graded on a scale of 1-70, where grade 70 coin is considered the perfect condition with added value.

Our coins are PCGS/NGC graded with verification code printed on the plastic sealed slab. The code on the label can be checked easily on PCGS or NGC website and app for varificatoin.

Our experts work closely with every client. You will get world-class personalized service once you contact us. Our experts will help you achieve your goals and requirements.

Proof coins have mirror-like finish due to a special minting procedure.

As soon as your payment is received and cleared, we will immediately send your parcel.

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