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10 Top Gold Coins to Invest in for Great Returns

In today’s cryptocurrency age, where bitcoin and NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, there is still something reassuring about traditional, physical gold coins. Investing in collectable gold coins is a straightforward, satisfying way to build up a portfolio and to provide yourself with financial protection for the future. Physical assets such as gold take their value from their authenticity, history, quality and aesthetic appeal. Of course, gold itself is also a valuable metal with prices that can be tracked online. Investing in coins can be appealing as they often represent moments in history, noteworthy people and remarkable achievements. However, how do you know which are the best coins to invest in?


10 Collectable Gold Coins From Around the World

Of course, there are so many different types of gold coins, medals etc. out there that it is very easy to pick a subject to specialise in. For example, you might choose coins from a specific historical period, country of origin or mint. In no particular order, here are ten gold coins that are good to invest in when it comes to availability, purity and beauty.


1. Krugerrand (South Africa)

These South African coins are a good bet for anyone looking for the best coins to invest in. Again, they are simple to buy, keep and sell and will hold their value for the longer term. They are a good way for a beginner collector to invest in one-ounce gold coins from a reputable mint.

Collectable Gold Coins


2. Gold American Eagle Coin (USA)

This US currency comes in different sizes, ranging from one-tenth-ounce up to one-ounce coins. This coin first appeared in the mid-1980s and ever since, a limited number are released each year. They contain just over 91 percent 22-carat gold and are highly sought-after and highly liquid.



3. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin (Canada)

This gold coin is available in different sizes up to a huge five ounces for maximum investment versatility. It is seen as one of the most secure investments in the world. Advances in minting technology have also enabled the coin to come up with a number of anti-counterfeiting measures to boost buyer confidence.


4. One-ounce Gold Britannia Coin (UK)

One-ounce Gold Britannia Coin is affordable, yet highly sought-after for those investing in coins. They are easy to store, transport and trade and are highly likely to hold their value in the long term. Manufactured by the UK’s Royal Mint, they have a purity of 24 carats (or 22 carats if made in or before 2012) and contain one troy ounce of pure gold.

 2022 Britannia 1 oz Gold Bullion Coin- Collectable Gold Coins

5. American Buffalo Gold Coin (USA)

This was the first coin to be minted in the USA in 24 carats. Its design harks back to the beginning of the 20th Century when it was commissioned by President Roosevelt. It has a face value of $50 and is backed by the US government, making it a highly stable investment.


6. Chinese Panda Gold Coin (China)

This .999 pure gold coin was the first of its kind in China and depicts the Giant Panda on one side. It is available in different weights individually or as part of a set.


7. Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin (Australia)

Another national animal design that has huge visual appeal, this coin from ‘Down Under’ used to be known as the Gold Nugget until Perth Mint changed one side to depict a kangaroo. It is available in proof sets, as well as a relief version for maximum flexibility and choice.



8. Gold Sovereigns (UK)

These are highly recognized as iconic British gold coins. They are small and light and easy to buy, store and sell on. They contain just over seven grams of pure 24-carat gold and are great for first-time investors, due to their relatively affordable prices. They are available in whole or half sovereign values.



9. Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin (Austria)

This gold coin from Europe comes in different sizes and can be bought individually or in sets. They are high in purity and the attractive designs showing musical instruments are highly prized. Limited edition collector sets are also available for added exclusivity.


10. Mexican Gold Libertad coin (Mexico)

These popular coins from Mexico are beautiful, affordable and high in purity, making them an ideal beginner’s investment. Available in different sizes to suit individual portfolios and storage capacities, the attractive coins are also easy to trade and sell on as required.



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