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Gold Britannia coins are exempt from capital gains tax

Gold Britannia coins are official legal tender and depict Queen Elizabeth II along with goddess figure Britannia. As legal tender, they are exempt from capital gains tax and have enormous investment potential.

Gold Britannia Facts

The recently released Gold Britannia coins have the purest Gold content with millesimal fineness (.9999) (24 Karat Gold). Older coins have fractionally less purity, around 91.7% with a copper core (in pre 1989 coins) or silver core (in post 1990 coins). Gold Britannias are legal tender which exempts them from capital gains tax. The face value for sets of Gold Britannia can command a much higher price.

Gold Britannias come in the following sizes:
• ½ ounce coins
• ¼ ounce coins
• 1/10 ounce coins
• 5 ounce coins
• 1/20 ounce coins

Silver Britannias

Silver Britannias were introduced in 1997 and contain 95.8% silver. In 2013, new Britannias were minted that contained 99.9% silver making them a superior investment. However, since then they have been minted depending on market conditions which means there is currently a large supply available. 2014 silver Britannias struck with the incorrect observer (known as a mule Britannias) are much rarer and are in higher demand among investors. They tend to fetch high premiums at auctions.



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