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How to Find the Most Valuable and Rare UK Coins?

There are many British gold coins that are beautiful, highly collectable gold coins over the years, from rare UK gold coins such as the 1917 King George V Sovereign to the more common, yet still desirable Gold Britannia coin. The UK (specifically, Wales) is home to the prestigious Royal Mint, which strikes many of the world’s best quality gold coins for specialist collectors and general circulation. The Royal Mint is located in Pontyclun, which is around 20 miles outside Cardiff in Wales.


 British gold Coins - 2021 Robin Hood1oz Gold Bullion Coin


How Collectable Are British Gold Coins?

While beauty is said by many to be in the eye of the beholder, some UK gold coins will be worth more than others due to rarity, gold content and so on. Factors that help determine the best British gold coins to invest in include the following:

  1.  How many were originally minted and issued? Rarity can push up a coin’s value considerably due to simple supply and demand economics.
  2.  How many are physically left? Coins in circulation are often subjected to a lot of wear and tear and some just disappear. If there are fewer left to invest in today, rarity is once again a key factor.
  3. What are they made from? Gold-looking coins are not necessarily made from pure gold. Other metals, including silver, copper and other alloys could be in the mix, reducing the overall value. Look for coins that are authenticated as pure gold, or with very high gold content.
  4. Where were they made? Mint stamps show where the coins were struck. Some mints are more desirable than others, due to issues around the number of coins produced, rarity, design etc.
  5. What condition are they in now? Perfect, undamaged coins are an investor’s dream. However, some types of damage can cause more loss of value than others. Dents, scratches and stains can all affect value when investing in coins.
  6. What is the current demand? As with any commodity, if there is more demand, the price will rise. How many people want to invest in the same coin will determine how much money a seller will want for it.


2021 1oz Queen's Beasts Gold Completer Coin- British gold Coins


5 Rare and Valuable British Gold Coins

If you are looking for some of the best UK coins to invest in, choosing rare UK gold coins is a good place to start. If you have the funds available to invest in less common coins, their value will be more stable than some other investment options and demand should remain high.

Here are five examples of rare UK coins, ranging in value from the low thousands to six figures.


1. Queen Anne ‘Vigo’ five-guinea coin

An excellent example of these incredibly rare British gold coins sold at auction recently for £225,000. One of Britain’s rarest coins depicts Queen Anne and was struck from Spanish gold bullion captured by the British fleet at the Battle of Vigo in 1702.



2. George V 1933 penny

Another coin from the reign of King George V, this one has a nominal value of one penny but has risen in value to a staggering £72,000 due to its extreme rarity. Only seven were issued as they were never intended for general circulation. They are considered by many to be some of the most valuable coins in Britain.



3. Edward VIII three-penny

Although this is a brass coin, it is still a good investment, given the brevity of the reign of King Edward VIII who abdicated after less than a year in the ‘top job’ to marry his divorced sweetheart, Wallace Simpson. Coins bearing his face and struck as a trial run were never put into general circulation. This is worth around £45,000 due to historical interest and limited availability.


4. Una and the Lion Gold coin

This rare British gold coin regularly commands prices in the thousands of pounds. They were last struck by the Royal Mint in the 1880s and are widely considered to be one of the most attractive coins in the world. They depict Queen Victoria as the virtuous ‘Una’, guiding the British lion with a sceptre.


2020 Saint Helena Una and the Lion £5 Gold Proof 1oz Coin


5. George V 1917 Sovereign

As mentioned above, this is a rare coin struck in 1917 during the reign of King George V. It was part of Britain’s Gold Standard currency in circulation before 1932. The coin has a nominal value of one pound, but an estimated investment value today of around £15,000.



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