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Why you should buy graded gold coins?

Bullion coins are typically struck only once with a standard matte finish and are primarily priced by weight. Gold immediately reacts to the upheavals and common economic situations, giving the investors great confidence over the steady growth in their wealth. Not only bullion is a convenient way to own physical precious metals, but it is also popular among coin collectors and gold investors.

If you are new to gold investment, then you must have heard about the term Graded or Non-Graded coins. This is specially important to know if you just have started collecting coins or investing in precious metals.

As an investor or a coin collector, you must know these factors upon which the grade of a coin is determined:

  • lustre
  • color
  • strength of strike
  • overall eye appeal

Coins are classified by the official Sheldon grading scale, a 70-point scale for grading coin, from 1 to 70, with 1 being the worst and 70 being the absolute great condition. A higher grade can often result in greater potential profit in the open market. The higher the grade, the more the coin is worth.  The Sheldon Scale is the standard for grading coins, and is used by the major third party grading services such as NGC and  PCGS.

The grading process is significant because the grade determines a certified coin population, which can have a major impact on its growth potential. A mint state or Proof coin always result in greater profit potential and growth.

Bullion coins that are graded are given the designation “Mint State,” also known as “MS.” Example grades include MS70 or MS69. These coins come individually sonically sealed in a clear tamper-proof slab and feature a unique serial number verifying their graded condition and authenticity. Mint state coins are graded with MS before the grade.

Proof coins are struck multiple times, which gives the coin a frosted sculpted foreground for a glamorous shine defined intricate design and mirror-like background.  Proof coins are graded PR. Mint-state coins have a matte-like finish with some shine and “MS” preceding the number on the coin label, while proof coins feature plenty of shine and “PR” on the coin label.

Yes! Many people end up buying fake or counterfeit coins from non-registered dealers or individual who usually does not leave any trace. These coins are normally a copy of the original coin with gold-plated surface. We recommend to only make a deal with registered businesses with legal documents.

Gold makers do not grade or certify coins. In the mid 1980s, a group of coin dealers started grading and certifying the gold coins along with their preservation into plastic slabs. PCGS and NGC are two reputable gold grading companies who issue grades to the coins without any bias.  Coins are judged by consensus, with the graders having no knowledge of whom they might have belonged to.

The labels on the plastic capsules and slabs can be different, and different companies selling graded/certified coins can have their own customs labels and designs. Labels have PCGS and NGC logo along with year of issue of the coin, grade, barcode and denomination.

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